The Catch

The Graying of the Fleet

Similar to the trend of the aging American farmer, the average age of a state commercial fishing permit holder today is 50 years old — up from 40 in 1980. We break down this demographic shift, talk to a young fisherman captain about it, and discuss what Alaskans are doing to combat it.

The Reluctant Gardener

April is National Garden Month! To this, Grace says, "Plant more herbs—your taste buds will thank you."

Salmon Piccata

Traditionally cooked with lemon, butter, and parsley (and often chicken or veal cutlets) piccata is a tart, rich, and flavorful dish to be relished with a full-bodied white wine. Enjoy!

Wild salmon fisherman

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A message from the harbor docks of Sitka, Alaska.

5 Easy Seafood Recipes for Easter

We’ve put together a list of five deliciously simple ways to use your seafood box for Easter or any springtime celebration!

How to Cook Sous Vide Salmon

Popular among restaurant chefs, especially those who love gadgets, sous vide is ideal for home cooks because it takes the mystery out of knowing when your fish is cooked.

Sous Vide Salmon

Sous Vide Salmon with Garlic-Herb Butter and Crispy Crumbs

Culinary Director Grace Parisi uses the sous vide technique to achieve a perfectly cooked salmon fillet before topping it with garlic-herb butter and toasted panko.